Past Travel


Corsica and Toulouse, September 12-24, 2017

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Of the many exciting programs we enjoy at ATSCC, the visits we exchange with our friends in Toulouse are the most exciting.

When we were in France, we had a sumptuous dinner party with a family whose ultramodern home is built around a 300-year-old windmill tower. We climbed the hill to the writers’ colony where James Baldwin lived and we walked the streets and byways where Henry James romanced Anaïs Nin. We dined in fabulous restaurants, momentarily forgetting what the Euro exchange rate was. We have strolled through colorful, fragrant 500-year-old gardens, prayed in 1000-year-old cathedrals and the American cemetery at Normandy. We viewed Marie Antoinette’s bed chamber, descended into the catacombs, and gazed at the site where the Bastille was stormed.

We had to come home before we saw a fraction of what historic France offers, but the duty free shop helped us savor the memories. Some of us even choose to live there. Our venture to Montréal and Québec City by way of a river cruise from New York City or Boston was very exciting.

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2007 Trip to Provence and Toulouse

Incoming Travel
Friendships fostered by these trips endure through the years. When our friends visit Atlanta, we entertain them in our homes, escort them through the aquarium, enjoy a concert of classical French music by our symphony orchestra and chorus, and sample southern cuisine. The Martin Luther King Jr. Center is always on the agenda. We proudly boast our museums—in part, because of loans from the Louvre. Depending on their individual interests, we might take them to a Federal court trial, a university French class, or raft down the Nantahala. Our friends visit other parts of the country too. ATSCC has hosted several incoming trips from France since 1986. Please click on the link below to view a specific trip’s photos:

2006 Visitors from Toulouse