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Corsica and Toulouse, September 12-24, 2017

ATSCC is going to Corsica and Toulouse.  We would love to have you join us.  The dates are September 12-24, 2017.

Suspended halfway between sea and sky amid the calm of the maquis scrubland, lies a French estate overhanging a rocky headland surrounded by clear water: welcome to Sant'Ambroggio. Join us for a 7-night all-inclusive stay at Club Med, right on the beach, and discover Corsica’s treasures, its breathtaking landscapes, and its rich history. The trip includes 4 excursions,

Corsica of thousands of colors
Discover some of Corsica’s most magnificent treasures – la Scala di Santa Regina, the forest of Aïtone and the gorges of Spelunca. You’ll go on to visit the lovely village of Porto, and after a short walk in the “Calanches de Piana” you’ll drive back up the coast, through more fantastic country.

Scandola Paradise on sea
A 3-hour cruise to discover the wild and rocky region ranked as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Scandola Nature Reserve preserves the region’s fabulous flora and fauna

Between see and sky

Drive through the Desert of Agriates before going on to dis-cover Saint Florent, Nonza, Pino and the “col de Sainte Lucie”. You’ll see some magnificent views of Cape Corsica, fabulous rocks and maquis. You’ll have free time to visit Bastia, a typical Corsican town, before returning via Ponte Leccia, and more wonderful landscapes.

Authentic Balagne

Discover La Balagne, a magnificent region with around thirty of little villages perched high on rocky peaks or hidden in the heart of narrow valleys. You'll continue through Calenzana, Zilia and Lunghi- gnano, where you'll visit an old oil mill. The visit continues with one discovery after another: Mon-temag-giore, Col de Salvi, Cateri, Aregno, Corbara and Ile Rousse.

Traditional Corsica
Visit Corte – the former capital of Corsica – in a little touristic train. Perched on a rocky peak in the center of a mountain cirque, the old town is domi-nated by a citadel with 166 steps made of green marble from La Restonica.

Price includes, 7 nights stay in Club Med Sant’Ambroggio, all meals, snacks, beverage alcoholic and nonalcoholic, all activities and intertwinement, all excursions and tour leader.

With flights from Atlanta: $3390
With flights, Paris to Bastia & Bastia to Toulouse: $2000

When we leave Sant'Ambroggio, we’ll fly to Toulouse where we will stay 4 nights with our French hosts (or you can stay in a hotel if you prefer).

Toulouse visits may include a one day tour of Abbaye de Sorreze in Tarn, Lake St Ferréol and Revel market.

I’m excited to go to Corsica. I have been told it is the most beautiful island in the world. Please let me know right away if you are interested. If you have friends who might be interested in this trip, please forward them this email. They can join ATSCC and go with us.

Betty Davis
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