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A Message from the President

Thank you for visiting the website of The Atlanta Toulouse Sister Cities Committee (ATSCC).

On December 17, 1974, Atlanta mayor Maynard Jackson and Toulouse mayor Pierre Baudis signed a proclamation declaring Toulouse and Atlanta sister cities. Jackson had lived in Toulouse as a child, while his mother was pursuing her doctorate in French. He felt that the two sister cities would make excellent partners. And they have!

As we build on the legacy of mayor Jackson, we continuously seek to fulfill our mission of bringing the citizens of Atlanta and Toulouse together through cultural exchanges, events and dynamic trips abroad. Download our annual report here for a summary of our 2018 activities.

We would be honored if you would consider becoming a member of the ATSCC and help foster the strong ties between Atlanta and Toulouse. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have about the ATSCC.


Sherry von Klitzing, President & Chair

Meet the Team

ATSCC operates under the guidance of a volunteer-based board of directors and a president. Our current president and board are as follows:

Carol Evans

Carol Evans



Betty Davis

Programs Co-Chairperson

King Trousdale

King Trousdale

Recording Secretary


Wes Samson

Programs Co-Chairperson

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Maia Samb

Public Relations


Vickie Sanders


Glenda Berthelot_edited

Glenda Berthelot

Membership Committee Chairperson

We are grateful for the dedication and service to ATSCC of the following past presidents: Dr. Ray Young, President Emeritus (1974-1986), Franklyn Skidmore, President Emerita, (1986-1999); Carolyn Wills (1999-2001); Betty Davis (2001-2015), Mark Long (2015-2017).

Join the ATSCC

Consider joining the ATSCC to participate in fun and exciting events throughout the year, while learning about the cities of Atlanta and Toulouse.