Marie de George invited the Atlanta-Toulouse Sister Cities organization to a tea and presentation in her design studio last Thursday. The event was sold out with a waiting list.

While the audience sipped French tea and were served an abundance of small pasteries prepared by French chef, Jerome Queyriaux, Marie explained her process.

Her first step is to interview the customer. They bring their favorite pieces of clothing and photos from magazines. She asks them questions such as why they like a certain style and what is the occasion. She will never copy anyone. She makes sketch after sketch until she and the client are pleased. Many of her clients are brides and social celebrities.

An excellent painter, her studio showcases some of her work. Her sketches of clothes are also works of art.

The clothes she designs are true couture and are made by her alone with one exception. She has someone in California who she has used for 20 years to do the beading of these exquisite designs.

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