ATSCC Structure and History

ATSCC operates under the umbrella of Sister Cities International. Atlanta began her official sister city relationship with Toulouse on December 17, 1974 when then mayors Maynard Jackson of Atlanta and Pierre Baudis of Toulouse  signed a proclamation declaring Toulouse and Atlanta sister cities. Jackson had lived in Toulouse as a child, while his mother was pursuing her doctorate in French. He felt that the two sister cities would make excellent partners.  And they have!

Jackson and Baudis
sign Atlanta Toulouse agreement

ATSCC operates under the guidance of a board of directors and a president. Our current president and board are as follows:

President: Sherry von Klitzing (2018)

Board of Directors:
Carol Evans
, Vice President for Hospitality
King Trousdale ,Recording Secretary
Martha Church, Treasurer
Vickie Sanders, Webmaster
Betty Davis & Wes Samson, Programs Chairpersons
Maia Saab, Public Relations
Joy Gordman, Membership Chair
Deshawn Jenkins, Member-at-Large

We are grateful for the dedication and service to ATSCC of the following past presidents: Dr. Ray Young, President Emeritus (1974-1986), Franklyn Skidmore, President Emerita, (1986-1999); Carolyn Wills (1999-2001); Betty Davis (2001-2015), Mark Long (2015-2017).

Betty Davis, Carolyn Wills,
Franklyn Skidmore and Ray Young