When planning your trip or vacation to France, you may be considering visiting Toulouse. We highly recommend that you do pay this historic city a visit, and we’ve compiled a list of ten attractions in Toulouse that we think you will love:

Where to Go in Toulouse:

#1: The Jardin Royal

Also known as the Royal Garden in Toulouse, this was the first garden in the city, initiated by Louis de Mondran in the year 1754. This garden is beautifully landscaped and well-kept, with lush green spaces and small lakes and waterways. Several statues and flowerbeds grace the garden, providing visual interest that delights the senses. To miss out on the Jardin Royal while visiting would be a travesty.

#2: The Jardin Du Grand Rond

Technically used as a roundabout for park-goers, the Jardin Du Grand Rond is a simple circular garden surrounding a massive fountain. Many flowers are beautifully landscaped into this garden, while eclectic lamps sit on either side of the circle, illuminating the garden – and the streams of water – stunningly at night.

#3: The Jardin Des Plantes

Another beautiful garden resides here in Toulouse: the Jardin Des Plantes. This garden is nearly 18 acres in size, created by Philippe Picot de Lapeyrouse in the late 1700s. Herein, you will find over 100 different species of plants, many ducks and geese, and amenities for the children.

#4: Le Muséum de Toulouse

If it’s a rainy day in Toulouse, you’ll be looking for indoor activities to enjoy: the Natural History Museum fits that bill perfectly. With over two million artifacts to enjoy (and many interactive displays), you can get lost in this museum for hours, or, at least until the rain subsides!

#5: Rue Théodore Ozenne

This is one of the main roads that tourists frequent in the city of Toulouse. Part of the historic district of Toulouse, the Rue Théodore Ozenne is populated with quaint tea shops, lawyer’s offices, a pharmacy, and more. This road was named after one banker and president of the Chamber of Commerce, Théodore Ozenne, born in 1814. On the left, in the Carmes quarter is the Marché des Carmes, a massive open market that is open every day except Monday. Many restaurants surround the elaborate market, making it a great lunch location. You can also find the Marché Victor Hugo in the Saint-Étienne Quarter, another great market surrounded by shops.

#6: Maison Pillon

If you’re a lover of sweet things, the Maison Pillon is certainly for you. Perhaps you’ll want to pop into this dessert shop on the corner of Ozenne and Rue du Languedoc for a box of macarons or a beautifully crafted pâtisserie. Regardless, the sweets here pair perfectly with a fresh cup of coffee that can be obtained at many coffee shops in the area.

#7: Hôtel d’Assézat & Augustins Museum of Fine Arts

These two attractions have been closed for renovations for a time in 2022, but their grandeur can still be appreciated from the exterior. Both buildings were built centuries ago: the Hôtel d’Assézat in 1555 and the Museum, which has been placed within a monastery from the 14th-century. When the Museum is open, it is home to the finest art pieces, including those by Théodule Ribot.

#8: Les Abattoirs

This contemporary museum boasts modern art pieces that will dazzle and stun their viewers. Interestingly enough, this museum resides within a converted meat slaughterhouse, making for an open, intensely architectural experience. This building’s elevation and position above the rest of the city make this a great spot for views and pictures.

#9: The Saint-Étienne Quarter

This part of the city is full of Renaissance homes and architecture, naturally making it a great location for tourist shops and stores. Here, you’ll find antique shops, boutiques, specialty foodie shops, and art displays galore. However, perhaps the most intriguing structure here is the Saint-Étienne Cathedral, a giant national monument and home to the Archbishop of Toulouse.

#10: Cité de l’Espace

Located on the outskirts of Toulouse, the space museum Cité de l’Espace was opened in mid-1997. Therein, there are full-scale rocket models, solar system exhibits, an IMAX cinema, a massive planetarium, and much more. This museum attraction is on 9 acres of land, with many places to sit and enjoy the outdoors.

And So Many More Attractions in Toulouse

To learn more about attractions in Toulouse, check out this article by Justin Postlethwaite. Have you been to this gorgeous, eclectic city? What were your favorite things to do in Toulouse? This list barely scratches the surface of what to do in Toulouse, but we hope this gets you started on your research if you’re planning a trip or vacation to the area.  

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