ATSCC Upcoming Events



Saturday, February 23, 5:45 PM - The Gourmands are planning a “diner” chez Babette.  RSVP required to Martha Church, marthajchurch@yahoo.com by Feb. 18th so we can book a table. Babette is cooking up a Cassoulet which is on the menu, however you can choose whatever you like. Order at your own expense.  Address:  573 N Highland Avenue NE, Atlanta, Georgia 30307.
8:00 PM - After dinner we will go the Theatre du Reve production Cote Noir.  Please order your tickets at the senior (group) price, $20/pp. Seats are not reserved.  Open seating.Click here to Purchase Tickets. The theater is located at 1105 Euclid Avenue, NE, Atlanta 30307. Click here to view our invitation.

Sherry sent a word document with ATSCC Upcoming Events and other French events you may want to attend. You can view those on the above calender.



If you haven’t already, please send in your dues to our Treasurer ($45 for individual memberships, $60 for couples, made payable to ATSCC): Martha Church, 35 Roanoke Avenue, NE, Atlanta, GA 30305, or pay thru paypal with your credit card.
(Please note you will incur a credit card processing fee on top of the amount of the event.)

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